Nowadays I have a wonderful job, working with wonderful people. As a director at Activate Learning, one of the UK’s largest educational groups, I get to have impact on three things: the organisation, staff and (most importantly) our students.

But I used to be a writer. As a young teenager I used to hide away in my bedroom at home and secretly write scripts and poetry while the household slept … [geek].

At school, I was labelled dyslexic, so aimed to have at least one book published before I turned 30 [pig-headed geek]. Here it is.

Then I lived abroad and became a full time business writer, focusing on business, technology and travel … [corporate geek].

I spent a spell as a freelance journalist and edited my own travel business magazine [poor geek] whilst I returned to teaching part time.

In recent years, the education sector has consumed my full attention. My boss, Sally Dicketts, promised it for many years and I never believed her. She was was correct (she has a habit of being correct two years ahead). I have therefore repurposed this website as an outlet for my writing. The content is largely not-for-profit, for fun and for me, me, me … [geek, cum sad-o].

Proper Bio:

Lee graduated with a first-class BA honours degree from DeMontfort University and then from The University of Warwick with a Masters by Research, for which he also received a Distinction. In addition, he is  a qualified teacher, receiving a CertEd from The University of Warwick.

Lee has taught in Further Education in various guises since 2001. He is currently Director for curriculum at Activate Learning.

He has written two books, written for national newspapers and magazines, been interviewed in the Financial Times, edited a business magazine and delivered keynote speeches/workshops for leading arts, travel and business organisations  (note: this is a convoluted way of admitting that I can drone on about RevPAR and Surrealism in equal measure … few people would be as proud of this as I am!)

Lee lives in Stratford upon Avon with a wonderful (and tolerant) wife. Both are plagued by two small children.